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No Oakcreek homes are currently for sale. If you’d like to be notified as soon as any Oakcreek homes become available, please contact us and ask to be added to our list of interested persons.

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Because the homes at Oakcreek are privately owned, homes are sold by their current owners. Nevertheless, the community at large also participates in the sale process, to ensure that prospective buyers understand what is involved in living and participating in a cohousing community.

Buying an Oakcreek home is more than just buying a house, because it also comes with 1/24th ownership of all the common property, including 1/24th of the Common House. Thus, it includes a commitment to participate in community processes, agreements and maintenance.

Oakcreek homes come in 4 sizes:

  1.   702 sq.ft. One bedroom, one bath.
  2. 1000 sq.ft. Two bedrooms, one bath.
  3. 1100 sq.ft. Two bedrooms, one and one-half baths.
  4. 1190 sq.ft. Two bedrooms, two baths.

Virtual Tour of Some Oakcreek Homes:

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