Our Vision and Values

Our Vision:

OAKCREEK is founded on the principles of community, participatory decision making and problem solving by its members, sustainability, and affordability. Each member contributes his/her talents to enable personal and communal growth, as well as care of the environment. We value and nurture physical, mental and spiritual health in each other and the larger community in which we are active citizens. We enjoy each other’s company, yet respect the privacy of each individual. We intend to care for each other as we age, offering help and comfort as needed.

Our Values include:

  • actively being in community;
  • stewardship of the environment;
  • learning & growth;
  • interdependence;
  • mutual respect;
  • support;
  • compassion;
  • spirituality;
  • family fun/humor;
  • healthy living;
  • diversity;
  • and participating in the larger Stillwater community.

Potential Homeowners:

  • Couples or singles age 55+
  • Wanting to downsize
  • Concern for the environment
  • Realistic about the need for “community” during the second half of life
  • Recognize that interdependence of “community” enables people to live independently much longer
  • Desiring a cost-effective and successful way to “age in place”

Our Community includes:

  • 24 individually owned homes (each homeowner owns their own home and 1/24 of all common areas).
  • Four sizes of homes: A) 702 sq.ft., B) 1000 sq.ft., C) 1100 sq.ft., D) 1190 sq.ft.
  • The 24 private homes are distributed in 6 buildings, where each building contains one home of each of the 4 sizes.
  • Common house of 3800 sq.ft. with large dining room, sitting room, craft room, workshop, and guest rooms.
  • All private homes were constructed at one time while common house was being remodeled from pre-existing house on property.
  • Land, gardens, open space and common house are owned by all homeowners in common (managed by Homeowners Association).
  • Homeowners are responsible for maintenance of the inside of their homes.
  • Homeowners Association is responsible for exterior maintenance of homes.
  • No outside management – homeowners make all decisions about care of the grounds, etc.
  • Participation in community is a central element in this neighborhood.
  • Community meals are shared in the common house on a regular basis – frequency decided by homeowners (currently about once every 5 days).
  • Environmental Efficiency and Sustainability.
  • Total non-smoking environment throughout the community and the grounds.
  • Homes and common house are highly energy efficient, utilizing geothermal heating and cooling.
  • Home design and site placement are sensitive to passive solar and natural ventilation.
  • Maximum natural light in the homes.
  • Minimum ground water runoff by selection of materials for driving and walking surfaces and design of gardens.
  • Reasonable homeowner association fees (currently $300/month) provide phone, internet, exterior maintenance and all utilities except electric.
  • This is a pet friendly environment.

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